Dog Bathrobe

Dog Bathrobe
Our super soft microfibre dog drying gowns do not restrict movement, but they do soak up water, catch sand and mud and protect your car and home. These drying gowns are super comfortable for your dog, super easy for you to use, and of course they look very cool!

Please see below for full sizing instructions.
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  • Drying dogs after a bath, coming in from a rainy walk or after a hydrotherapy session
  • Warmth during winter, when travelling in the cold
  • Useful for older, arthritic dogs to keep warm and add a layer of comfort
  • Protects walls and furniture from becoming soiled

  • Blue microfibre material with button closure underneath the tail
  • Adjustable drawstring closure around the neck
  • Suitable for most breeds and coats
To fit the bathrobe, place the dog's head through the neck piece, straighten out over the back and secure the button closure under the tail.

Instructions for use: Put the bathrobe over the dog, rub the dog's coat dry or leave to dry out naturally. After use, remove the bathrobe, wring it out and rinse if necessary. Machine washable at 60oC maximum - please do not use fabric softener.


Please measure your dog for fit. The bathrobe should be long enough to cover

Size Length (nape of neck to the end of the back) Breed example
XS Up to 30cm Yorkshire Terrier
S Up to 40cm Jack Russell
M Up to 50cm Beagle
L Up to 60cm Labrador
XL Up to 75cm German Shepherd

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