Max Wax for Paws

Max Wax for Paws

Use it before you go out for a walk to protect against the irritants on the ground. Salt on the road during winter months, salty water and sand from the beach, chemicals applied to the fields and pathways – Max Wax presents a repellent barrier between the irritant and your dog’s paws, protecting them against burning, cracking and itching. It prevents ice and snow buildup in and around the toes. In hot weather it provides a barrier against the fiery heat of the road and sand.

Max Wax is a great all-round treatment. With 100% natural moisturisers of beeswax and lanolin, it can be used to sooth and soften your dog’s paws every day, preventing cracks and soreness.

Use Max Wax all year round to keep your dog’s paws healthy.

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  • Hydrophobic, creates a barrier so water rolls off paw for protection from wet surfaces

  • Protects against chemical burn from ice melt

  • Safe from pesticides

  • Comfort from hot pavement and sand

  • Contains no alcohol

How do I apply MAX WAX?

Apply a thin coat of MAX WAX on pads and between toes approximately once a week or more depending on the level of activity and outside exposure of your dog.  We recommend you use this product year-round to promote paw health.

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