Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot

Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot
Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot
Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boot

Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boots are protective dog boots for both indoor and outdoor use to help dogs that suffer from paw dragging/ knuckling

The extra sole on the top of the boot helps to prevent abrasions and scrapes to your dogs paws and claws, as well as protecting the boot from wearing out on the top like regular boots will.

Walkabout Boots hug the dog's paws and fit like a glove, enabling your dog to move around comfortably as normal. 

Trusted and recommended by veterinary hospitals worldwide. 

Sold in singles. If you want a pair please order two.

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Size XS S M M/L L
Paw Width 0" - 1.5" 1.5" - 2" 2" - 2.5" 3" - 3.5" 3.5" - 4"

Please note, if you have a short legged dog that has a slightly bigger than medium size paw select the Med/Large "short" boot. These boots have only one velcro strap and are shorter than our standard med/large boots based on a design for short legged dogs such as basset hounds.

For dogs with severe knuckling, please see our Walkabout Knuckling Protection Boots.
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