Flexerna Anti-Inflammatory

Flexerna Anti-Inflammatory

Flexerna is a patented and research proven powerful natural anti-inflammatory omega produced using the extracted oil of the coveted Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand and enhanced with Wild Atlantic Menhaden fish oils.

  • The Most Powerful Omega 3 on the Market
  • Concentrated Oil Extract from the coveted Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand
  • Patented Formulation
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Specifically designed to naturally support joint mobility in dogs

One bottle can last up to 6 months for small dogs and 3 months with larger dogs.
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Flexerna Omega Benefits:

  • Helps support joint mobility
  • Helps support cardiovascular function
  • Helps support respiratory health
  • Does not affect blood platelet aggregation as is the case for fish oils and other
    omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • No adverse side effects 

How to Use?

Whether your dog has or has not previously been on a Omega supplement, TopDog recommends a proper loading dose phase for Flexerna Omega. Therefore, in the first 10 days the maintenance dosage is doubled.

Though many dogs show improvement within a few days, it is best to allow 2-4 weeks of continual usage to see the full results. One full pump is the recommended dosage for dogs less than 50lbs in weight, two full pumps for dogs over 50lbs.

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The three box sizes are designed to last small, medium and large dogs a month.

Small dogs are under 14kg, medium dogs are 14kg to 40kg, large dogs are over 40kg. 

Please scroll down the page to see full details, sizing and directions for use.

We Ship Worldwide.

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