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Winstones pain formula (28/06/2018)
This product didn't help
To get rid of pain at all. All it did do was give my dog an upset stomach . Over rated and over priced. I paid alo t of money to give my dog an upset stomach won t be using these again.

John - UK
Seems OK but expensive (29/10/2017)
Seems to be working on my 13+yrs Border Collie but whether it is much better than straight Devil's Claw i cannot decide. Certainly much, much more expensive!

Dudley - Herts, UK
Jools Morley (15/08/2017)
Wow wow wow, what can I say! The results speak for themselves. I used the double dose for 8 weeks as didn't see an improvement till after the first month, but since then I can see such an improvement. So happy Thank you!!

Jools - IOM
Great (03/03/2017)
Just an update on my dog Paddy who has been on Winston's Formula for about two weeks. She is a 5 year old Lab/Boxer mix. Earlier this week, she took off at a run across a field after my 1 year old dog. Before that, she would typically wander about the field at a walk. A few steps of trotting here and there was about all she could muster. I was so surprised when she took off at the run, at full speed I might add! There is a definite improvement in her demeanor. She now initiates play and seems to have more energy.

I've recommended your product to two friends, one who has a 5 year old Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia and one who has a 5 year old Lab with arthritis in his elbows.

Thanks for the product. It's great to see my dog happier and healthier.

Laura Benzel - UK
Miracle potion! (03/03/2017)
Winstons seems to be a miracle potion ! My dog is 15yrs old and suffers from Hip Displasia. I have tried numerous herbal remedies but none seemed to make any difference. After scouring the web, again, I found Winstons and thought i'd give it a try.
My boy hasn't been able to go up or down stairs for over a year now so we carry him, he weighs 25kg however after 2 weeks on winstons, on the recommended double dose, i woke up one morning to find him waiting outside my bedroom door wagging his tail, he had walked down the stairs, AND , he now insists i take him for his midnight stroll because if i don't he will wait by the front door until i do.
I am more than delighted and so grateful for the a bit of my old fella back ! I am writing this because if it means that one more dog gets the chance to be is old self again then for me that's extremely satisfying.

B Nicole - Spain
Amazing Results (27/01/2017)
My dog suffers from arthritis and is on Metacam but she was starting to struggle so much that she couldn't get onto the bed/sofa or get up any steps. The difference these tablets have made is unbelievable. Within a couple of weeks she was managing steps with ease and was back to jumping on the sofa and bed. I can't believe how much of a difference these tablets have made and I definitely recommend giving them a try. An amazing product that greatly improved the quality of my dogs life.

Karolyn - West Midlands
Winstons (27/09/2016)
Our black Labrador "Jenny" was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia some months ago, subsequent trips to our local vets and the use of expensive NSAIDS, and painkillers, reduced our pet to a whimpering lifeless dog who clearly did not want to be laying in her bed in terrible agony. The crunch came when she layed in the hall and defacated on the floor as she did not have the strength to stand up. We took her off all medication from the vets and introduce her to Winstons pan killers and joint formula. It has been 1 month now and she is not in pain, she wags her tail alot and apart from a slight limp she is enjoying her walks and she has just come back from her favourite walking holiday on the Isle-of- Wight thanks to Winstons we have our pet back. Thanks again.

Ray & Jenny - Essex
Swear by This (27/09/2016)
My dogs after 6 months on the pain formula, now show no outward signs of Arthritis. He used to limp in the morning and now doesn't. He is energetic and it has helped his arthritis so so much he will be o it for life!

Libby James - Grace
A good Alternative ()
I have tried these for my dog diasy for a month now, and have found her so much brighter in the morning. I am going to take her off the Loxicom this week so will keep you updated on her progress!

Laura Pugh - UK
Result ()
My dog seems to have shown an improvement, he is happier, and more energetic. Good to find an all natural product that works!

Liz Barton - UK
Great Product ()
I have tried other pain relief and this is the only one that i had definate result from.

David Carter - Liverpool
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