Fantastic after unfortunate injury (20/09/2017)
This hock splint has been invaluable after my dog broke his leg while playing, right at the tip of the fibula. When his cast came off we were allowed to take him on short walks but he was so sore on it, after scouring the internet we decided to give this hock splint and a try and the difference has been amazing. We are still only going on short walks, but he is so much more confident on that leg. I think because it immobilises the entire hock joint and supports all around the leg and lower leg, I wouldn't take him out without it on.

Tom Hardy - Middlesex
good for Tendon injury (03/10/2016)
My dog had a bad tendon injury and my vet told me about this product. It really helped him as it totally stabilised the hook while it hd time to heal... you can use a hock support afterwards just to help with walking...

Michael B - uk
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